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Watercolor Brush 7

Hi there! I'm Emily Fletcher, another 20-something with small town origins out here just trying to make it. After high school I left that small town of Forsyth, Georgia and headed to Athens to cheer on the Dawgs- and work on a degree, of course. In four very quick years, I had a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, a minor in Studio Art, and a million questions about what was next. I'm now living in Atlanta, working a 9-5 advertising job and finding out what it's like to finally have free-time again-- time that I dedicate to painting.

From a young age I've always had a love for creating; as a kid I picked up every art supply I could find and went to work on my next masterpiece. My mom took note of that and put me in a few art lessons taught by locals so I could grow that creative side. I stuck with art through high school with classes here and there, but nothing really pushed me to try anything outside of my watercolor and acrylic comfort zone until I got to college. When my advisor informed me that I was on track to graduate early, I quickly denied that and added a Studio Art minor. The very next week, into the Lamar Dodd School of Art I went. The exposure I received there to such a wide variety of techniques, media and ideas in just a few courses really transformed my work. The most major changes for me came with the introduction to oil paint and the encouragement to go big.

Watercolor Brush 10


Watercolor Brush 2

With my work, what you see is what you get- no underlying meanings or wild concepts. After accepting I wasn't a big fan of conceptual work, one of my college professors began pushing me to take my work larger since I wasn't going to go deeper. I finally caved and struggled in with a 4 foot by 5 foot canvas one day. Along with successfully shocking my professor, I also found a new love for working on a large scale and have begun truly defining my style. Turns out photorealism is my thing and a larger canvas allows me the space to emphasize the details needed to make you question- is it a photograph or is it a painting? As a young "artist" I'm still figuring things out and I've used recent work to delve into color studies, push the limits of perspective, and explore challenging surfaces and materials. I hope that I can always continue to grow my work and I'm excited to see where that will take me!

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